Mapping Project (Experimental)

Project Team @ Tennoji High School attached to O.K.U. / Digital Work, 2015
digital work projection mapping event

An attempt to held a projection mapping event which projects the image to the building by utilizing a wasted projector.

The project started as it was found that Hitachi's short-focus projector that was discarded at the garbage storage still works collectry. After carrying out a minor repair of the projector, we carried out a test projection to study the method of projecting the image.

As a project break-off, we first conducted a projection event in March 2015. It was a homemade event up to the video to use and the software for adjusting the projection position. Based on experiences at this time, in August of the same year, We challenged to hold a projection event at the school festival (Fukosai). The projecting target was changed to a larger plane than the one at the time of March.

The project event at the school festival have been taken over the grade after this --- the same event was carried out in 2016, using the same equipment.

Video creation and software design, both at March one and August one.

digital work projection mapping event