Mixed media, 2017
mixed media art

Automatic musical instrument consisting of six mechanical relays.

A mechanical relay is a kind of switch component that opens and closes circuits electrically, and has a simple structure, a coil and contacts. The six relays are manufactured before 1992, and sounds by the action of its mechanical system. Although controlled by electricity, it is in contrast to an electronic sound source that inputs a waveform to a speaker in that the input is limited to a simple binary change.

The music performance is advanced across some variations based on a simple motif. A variety of expressions are born by repetitively repositioning a simple sequence of sounds, but by assigning a motif every time during the development, it is conscious that each development originated from one motif. As a result, one sense of unity and attractiveness as a whole will come to be born across variations.

We confirmed that the world feeling in music can be realized with only a minimum element through music played with the sounds which scratched the outer border component.

mixed media art